Samourai Code [video] – Napoleon Da Legend


Napoleonic Language [video] – Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleonic Language” by Napoleon Da Legend (@TeamNDL) is the lead track from the upcoming project: “Thermal Soundwaves presents: Timeless Beat Jackers” brought to you by the Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence @Kev_Lawrence) which pays tribute to some of their favorite hip hop beats featuring new artist who’ve appeared on the Thermal Soundwaves Show (@thermalsoundwav).
The video is directed and edited by Crazy Al Cayne (@crazyalcayne).
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Napoleonic Language (2012):

You love my element / calisthetics of eloquence/ its evident letters dipped with the foulest rhetoric/ you know my etiquette way sicker than Oedipus/ Bars post-traumatic like a veteran/ the bone shatterer/ post game show examiner/ flo batterer Po microphone Ambassador/ coldest vernacular/wrecking your cardio-vascular/ Petron tackler/ loan shark with no collateral/ bodypart damager part Dracula/ stock manager/ street runner/ corner block stamina/ the money folder portfolio grower head in slow motion the felacio hoe knower/ the microwave chef cooker/ the breath tooker/ son I left and took the money off the dresser when I left the hooker/ booker T quote teller/ the grown fella/ Jerome Bettis/ groom talent under my own umbrella/ chuck Norris face basher way past ya/ thermal soundwave slash ya with the grey matter/ the difference maker/ the bar differentiator/ cremate you all on wax the prop initiator/ mental manipulator the dime solicitator/ rhyme proliferator the bar facilitator/ vivid acrylic painter the critic eliminator/ lyrical liberator the truth assimilator/ the onion grabber hit a famous onion bragger/ the abundance haver/ step on a bonion smasher/ air force wearer ugly like a broken mirror/ the organ shifter the humanoid motion picture/ the fear monger/ skinny jean mocker/ the beat knocker Mike Tyson beat boxer/ the chief rocker/ paranoid police watcher easedropping the heat I drops like sun 2000 degrees hotter/

Heater of the Day ( Pen & Pad [Video]

Another installment of Crazy Al Cayne’s Ruff Kut Videoz(Beat Tape Legacy)series!! DMV MC and Spittin In Da Wip Alumni Napoleon Da Legend spit some fire bars to a beat that Crazy Al Cayne made back in 1995!! Let us know what you think of this video!

Song: Pen &PAd
Artist: Napoleon Da Legend
Directed and Edited by: Crazy Al Cayne
Beat Produced by: Crazy Al Cayne (in 1995)

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