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Oxygen [video] (part1) – Napoleon Da Legend

Here’s a sneak peek of “Oxygen” from DMV’s Napoleon Da Legend’s upcoming yet “untitled” solo project dropping early 2012. The video was directed by Tana of StreetHeat films.
N.D.L’s first EP “The Myth or The Legend” out now on iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby. Also be on the look out for “The Sugar Cayne Experiment” produced by Crazy Al Cayne ( featuring N.D.L. dropping this year as a free download.
Stay tuned for part 2 of “Oxygen” coming soon!

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Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz)

The Next installment from Crazy Al Cayne’s Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1 featuring DMV area MC, Napoleon Da Legend

Elixir: In this age of economic uncertainty, war, violence, greed, corruption, swag, big money rap, hoe rap, and general anxiety, Napoleon Da legend and Sugar Cayne concocted an Elixir to absorb in your system to help break up some of societies ailments.

The Elixir


Before McCain was locked up/ me and Al Cayne we came up with the product/
we came and moved a lot of tapes/ all of them would flame the block up/
heard my name came up when they came to lock us/
these lames coppers came up and raided my apartment/
aiming and targeting my brand like I was Neiman Marcus/
blaming the artists on the blogs and record labels watch us/
dropping a Mil to lock me fatter than Milonakis/
fully equipped with mac- millies wanting to steal my profits/
told me a record deal was logic cause my/
records reveal the knowledge they killing artists “illing” to get the dollars/
Millions are flocking to see us footing the bill to watch us/ they watching/
got the screws ready to drill my coffin/
Lucifer’s kids are watching crucifixes killed the prophet/
poisonous contaminated dough inside my wallet

Chorus x2

Vivid/ graphic/ panoramic visual
Authentic/ illmatic individuals
Under god one nation indivisible
Drink this elixir/ absorb it in ya physical

Verse 2

Nore with Nicaraguans/ New Yorkers with knickerbockers/
2pac Shakur on the corner rhyming with Chris Wallace/
Hypnotic messages laced with the trick knowledge/
lying to us with they shady figures of economic/
figures mislead and blinding/ narcotics that feed the blinded/
marketing things to the fiend zombie that lives inside us/
behind the scene insiders/ plant chips to see inside us/
beams with the ultraviolet/ machines that control the climate/
humans are growing tired of having they souls be wired/ computers with fire wires/ blocking our way to Zion and the stars that form Orion/ down to Andromeda/
crazy like a yamaka wearer saying Salam Alaikum/ they tried to rob us naked/ smoke us like Garcia Vegas/
planes that inoculate us in this land that’s god forsaken/
want us assassinated smiling when they see us suffer/
but we embody survival and live to see another/

Crazy Al Cayne will be releasing a mixtape series called “The Sugar Cayne Experiment” and Volume #1 will feature Napoleon Da Legend. In Experiment #1 Crazy Al Cayne aka “Sugar Cayne” get’s some beats that he produced back in the 90’s and has Napoleon Da Legend spit fire over them. Authentic 90’s beats with one of today’s dopest MC’s,

Follow Napoleon Da Legend:!/napoleondaleg
Follow Crazy Al Cayne:!/crazyalcayne

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More Pics from A3C courtesy of C.Truth of ThermalSoundWaves

Here are some more flix from the event, courtesy of C.Truth’s digital cam. I also want to shout out kev Lawrence (Co-Host of Radio Show —–>, True, Spin B,  Manny, and the whole Inner Loop records. Enjoy the visuals!


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A3C Hip-Hop Festival in ATL Oct 2011 – NDL commentary

A3C was my first true Hip-Hop convention/festival I’ve attended. I know it sounds crazy even when I think about it, but its true. My dude Crazy Al Cayne called me a few days earlier telling me that I HAD to be there. I made a few calls, and found my boy Laelo was going and that he was looking to split the room and I made my way down. I’m glad I did. Ended up rocking the stage, meeting great people and even did my first stint as a CAC-TV media correspondent (press pass and all). Allow me to explain: Crazy Al Cayne’s voice was fading hour by the hour to a point where he was almost inaudible. Therefore, I was conducting interviews for CAC-TV along with ThermalSoundWave Radio personality C.Truth. All and all it was a great time and experience. It was refreshing to see such a positive vibe and so many people there that have a genuine love and interest in the Hip-Hop artform. I will definitely be making a point for me to go back every year. You should too!.

Interviews, freestyles and more pics will soon be posted on Be sure to check them out!


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Ruff Kut Videoz: Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine” (via Hip Hop Lifestyles by RR)

Crazy Al Cayne’s anticipated project The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1: Napoleon Da Legend will hopefully be dropping soon. While fans of Crazy Al Cayne and Napoleon Da Legend are anxious to see what the two have in store, Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne have dropped yet another video to ease the anticipation. Napoleon Da Legend’s “Quarantine” is a track with an old school vibe, which can be attributed to the fact Crazy Al Cayne made the be … Read More

via Hip Hop Lifestyles by RR

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NDL: United We Stand (via Think Soul 25)

NDL: United We Stand The past few weeks you have gotten to know Napoleon Da Legend via his lyrics, his style, and his clean-cut music videos. I had the pleasure of writing up an article about him last week “Erasing the Stigma”, which explored the meaning behind his name. His lyrics are precisely chosen to match his philosophy on life and the reason why he raps. Napoleon Da Legend is an artful rapper when working solo, but he is also a beast on any collaboration. Ther … Read More

via Think Soul 25


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Napoleon Da Legend:Tribute to Big Pun (via Think Soul 25)

Courtesy of Think Soul 25

Napoleon Da Legend:Tribute to Big Pun Last week I introduced you guys to one of the DMV’s most recognized rappers, Napoleon Da Legend.  Known for coining the term “reality rap”, Napoleon Da Legend doesn’t hold anything back on the mic. The music is his canvas and the lyrics become his brush, ultimately creating a unique piece of work to put be on display for the world to experience.In his music he is able to defy the impossible and become a hip-hop superhero. The entire concept of mu … Read More

via Think Soul 25

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