Say No To Xenophobia in South Africa


Today we gather as brothers and sisters in love and solidarity in front of the South African embassy and consulate in Manhattan to denounce the xenophobic attacks occurring in South African against other African brothers and sisters. Xenophobia has long been used as a tool to scapegoat and distract the poor and disenfranchised from the reality of their condition, which is that of a fundamentally flawed, unfair and in this case also racist system. The horrific realities of the not-so distant apartheid has left major open wounds where many of the oppressed internalized “self-hate”. This fact compounded with the vacuum in responsible and effective leadership has created the environment for these violent and deadly attacks to occur. We call on the South African leadership to strongly denounce the attacks and implement policies that will attenuate disgusting inequalities within their nation. We also call for leaders (head of states, politicians, entertainers, athletes… etc) of other African nations to put pressure on South African leadership to seriously address this issue. Paix et respect a tous mes frères et soeurs “on est ensemble!” One continent! One people! 🌍✊🏾 #saynotoxenophobia